The Charlton County Board of Commissioners held its regularly scheduled, but brief meeting Thursday, June 4.

During the meeting, commissioners approved the alleyway abandonment petition for Barbara Bell and Woodrow Manuel, Jr. The two each own their sides of the alleyway and wish to split the property, giving them each one full acre. The motion was made and passed unanimously.

Recreation Director Larry Allen expressed his concern that his crew has to spend too much time cutting grass in different areas of the county, leaving them less time to focus on regular responsibilities. Allen suggested the recreation department only be responsible for cutting grass at the parks and ball fields freeing up time to focus on the recreation programs. County Administrator Hampton Raulerson stated the board could contract out the rest of the cutting, allowing the county to cut back on the amount of equipment and the amount of recreation personnel. The board agreed to look into costs and reconvene. 

The commissioners heard from the Satilla Soil and Water Conservation District (SSWCD). The SSWCD made a request for a $300.00 contribution. The last payment was made in 2016, but was taken off of the budget in 2019, as there was no request received. The conservation helps supply needs of area counties using state and federal grants. The conservation also makes Erosion and Sediment plans. Ferrell stated the state has recently made changes and are currently working on re-organizing. Raulerson recommended moving the funds from the Travel and Training line item and adding the funds for the conservation back into the budget as its own line item next year. The commissioners unanimously agreed.

The next meeting will be held Thursday, June 18 at 6:00 p.m.