The Homeland City Council held a special called meeting Thursday, January 30.

During the meeting, the council discussed the purchase of a larger garbage truck. Public Works Superintendent Blair Nixon stated the current truck does not pack as much trash as it previously did before, and the crew is having to make three to four trips to the Chesser Island Road Landfill. The vehicle has also broken down and the cost to fix the issue is approximately $2,000.00.

Councilman Mark Williams stated he suggests choosing the 2005 Diesel with low mileage and an 18-yard load. The vehicle does not require a CDL to drive. The cost is $37,000.00. The city will purchase the vehicle on credit, making payments for four to five years.

Nixon stated he is confident in Councilman Williams’ decision as he has more experience with these kinds of purchases.

The council voted in favor of the purchase with Councilwoman Donna King opposing.