The Charlton County Board of Commissioners held their monthly workshop Thursday, September 5.

The board looked over the 12-month action items list for the 2019-2020. The list showed items in need of improvement at Chatman Mobley Park, Deuce Lloyd Fields, and St. George Recreational Park.

Commissioner Alphya Benefield alerted the commissioners of missing bleachers from Chatman Mobley Park. Commissioner Jesse Crews stated they may have been used during the Indian baseball championships. He stated he would check for them. Commissioner Benefield asked for ideas on how to lock the bathrooms at the park and to make the park accessible for practices.

The commissioners also talked about the need of a new batting cage at Deuce Lloyd Fields. Charlton County Recreation Department Supervisor Terry Williamson told the board the tennis courts at Deuce Lloyd Fields are currently in use by the high school, and suggested they be cleaned up for the students. They also discussed different options to block the fryer located at the concession stand from the public for safety purposes. Commissioner Crews also notified the board of the missing sign for the park.

List items for the park in St. George include cleaning up the fields, ditches, and dugouts, fixing the trashcan holders, and updating signs.

Also during the meeting, the commissioners discussed updating the personnel policy for county employees. The county will work with an attorney’s office to make sure all is in order. The board of commissioners also discussed the Road Improvement Plans for the year. Commissioner Drew Jones expressed his confidence in Road Work Superintendent Ronnie Pollock and the road crew.

Commissioner Luke Gowen expressed his thanks for Pollock and for the help from the City of Folkston for all the work they did to prepare for Hurricane Dorian. Commissioner Jones and Chairman Everett agreed. Commissioner Crews expressed his gratitude for having the proper equipment for St. George to be prepared as well. Commissioner Benefield stated she was thankful for Pollock and his team for all their hard work, as well as all the prayers from the community.

The commissioners will meet Thursday, September 19, at 6:00 p.m. in the community room in St. George.