The Charlton County Board of Education held a called meeting, Monday, May 4.

During the meeting, Superintendent Dr. Johns Lairsey stated there was a $3,000.00 raise to the original CARES Act funds, bringing the amount to  $556,411.00.

Dr. Lairsey also shared he received word from the state, saying there will be 14-percent budget cut, a local decrease of approximately $1.6 million. Dr. Lairsey said Charlton will be in much better shape than he initially thought. The budget will be looked at to see where cuts may need to be made if the budget holds. He stated legislature should hopefully have a budget by July 1. Overall, Dr. Lairsey feels the county will do well and is fairly optimistic. 

Dr. Lairsey stated the Charlton High seniors have been surveyed, asking how each student would prefer to go ahead with graduation. An overwhelming majority opted for a traditional graduation to be held in either June or July. However, many students would not be able to attend, as they would be leaving for school or military training. Dr. Lairsey announced the decision was made to hold both a virtual ceremony, filmed a few students at a time and released the day of the original graduation. Then a traditional ceremony will be held in June or July. 

The board is currently transitioning into bringing employees back to work while following social distancing guidelines. Dr. Lairsey stated there was talk of bringing students back nationally, but he believes it will not happen in Georgia. He shared his main goal when everyone returns is to prepare for this to happen again. If there should be any other emergencies, the school will be equipped to handle them. 

 Board members approved the part time employment of Patsy Allen for Financial Services; the retirement of Kathleen Stevens, Lunchroom Manager for Bethune Middle School (BMS); and the resignation of David Pender, ISS Facilitator and coach at BMS. The board also approved the renewal of Dr. Lairsey’s contract.

The board is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m.