The Charlton County Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday, November 19.

During the meeting, Superintendent Dr. John Lairsey stated the board has completed 33% of the Fiscal year, and has received 15.91% of the anticipated revenues, and have only expended 22% of the budget. He announced the board is where they need to be for this time of year. He also stated teachers will be paid the last work day before both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Also during the meeting, board members discussed the third month of school attendance, showing there are 1,613 students enrolled in the Charlton County School District, down 39 from this time last year. He stated Pre-K classes have been completely filled at Folkston Elementary School and only two spots remain for St. George Elementary before they are full as well.

The board members voted to change the Workman Compensation insurance from Leave Key Risk to Associated Insurance Administrators, Inc. The premium cost for ASAI will be $97,276.00, with Key Risk offering $149,840.00. The members also voted to stay with Liberty Mutual for Property Insurance at a cost of $104,113.00. Dr. Lairsey also suggested the board  obtain Cyber Insurance, which would cover any issues should the computer system be breeched. If the computer protections fail, hackers may be able to receive personal information. Many restoration companies require a “ransom” for the personal information. The Cyber Insurance would cover this. With the new updates to the website, as well as the launch of the new app, Dr. Lairsey felt the district is at the point of needing a separate policy. The board voted to purchase the insurance in the amount of $5,770.00.

 The FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team submitted a request for an over-night field trip for a competition to be held in Macon. The request was approved unanimously.

The board went into executive session at 7:20 p.m. and exited at 7:38 p.m. No action was taken.

The final business of the meeting was to approve medical leave for Cynthia McCullough; the transfer of Nedra Philmore as a parapro to a bus driver; and agree to the contracting of Carla Lett for tutoring.