A regularly scheduled meeting for the Board of Education was held September 15. The board approved the financial report from June through September. The council received 103 percent of the anticipated revenue. The schools did save money during the shutdown, but the new year will make up the difference with additional expenditures. The board agreed the financial ending to last school year was good. 

Superintendent Dr. Lairsey stated the first month attendance rate is down from last year, dropping from 1,632  to 1,605 students. As of the third week in September, there were 288 virtual learning students.

Dr. Lairsey shared there will be no transfers from virtual learning to traditional learning for high school students. There were 70-80 students not in attendance, but they have since been accounted for. This rate is not very far from the rate of no-shows last school year. He stated the Pre-K program is about 20 students from where it should be. The board is still attempting to access a virtual learning option for Pre-K students. 

In other news, The board approved the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) budget set by Dr. Josh Howard. The Coastal Pines Memorandum of Understanding was also renewed. This program is for the duel enrollment classes. The Go Solutions Group Agreement, which is for Medicaid billing, was also approved. The board approved four different JAA Policies for changes to the Title Nine agreements in federal law. These policies were Equal Education Opportunities, Sexual Harassment of Students, Equal Opportunity Employment, and Sexual Harassment of Employees. 

The board voted to approve the employment of Jamie Doyle for school food service substitute, as well as a leave of absence for Bus Driver, Debra Farmer. Carrie Bryant and Kayla McDonald were approved for Special Needs Assistance on the bus. These two are employed by ESS, part-time. The resignation of Josh Davis was also approved. 

The next scheduled board meeting is set for October 20 at 7:00 p.m.