The Charlton County Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, March 16.

To begin the meeting, Superintendent Dr. Brent Tilley delivered the financial report for the Board of Education’s progress in the 2021 Fiscal Year. Dr. Tilley reported that the current fiscal year is 66.66% complete, with 21.7% of local revenues and 44.35% of total revenues collected. It was also reported that 53.61% of total budgeted expenditures at the current point of the fiscal year.

Dr. Tilley also gave the enrollment and attendance report for Charlton County Schools. It was reported that the overall attendance for the school district is at 93%, and that with COVID-19 cases decreasing, there is an expectation for Charlton County Schools to maintain a low number of COVID-19 related absences.

Since its last meeting, the Charlton County Board of Education’s audit for the 2020 Fiscal Year was completed. Dr. Brent Tilley reported the audit, with nothing to be modified, was returned clean. He commended Patsy Allen on another job well done.  

The Board of Education also received a status report for a 2021 Summer Learning Program. With funds from the CARES II Act, the board plans to address issues of COVID-19 related learning loss at Folkston Elementary School, St. George Elementary School, and Bethune Middle School. The Summer Learning Program is set to begin June 1, 2021 and last until July 1, 2021.

During the meeting, the Action Pact Transition/Disabilities Agreement was approved. This agreement focuses on services that will be provided by Charlton County Schools and Action Pact to special education students in the Head Start Program.

The service agreement for Asset Works was also discussed and renewed. Asset Works will work on behalf of Charlton County Schools to generate reimbursement claims and to reach and maintain certification as a Title XIX provider.

The Board of Education also discussed Charlton County High School’s FFA field trip request to the State Agricultural Communications Convention as well as a school bus request from the Charlton County High School 4-H for multiple dates throughout the summer.

A request to use the Bethune Middle School gymnasium for a wrestling tournament was also discussed, with the use of facilities being paid for by an outside organization. 

The Board of Education discussed a facilities resolution to amend its five-year plan by adding the possibility of an upcoming renovation or construction of Charlton County High School. 

Entering executive session, the Board of Education discussed issues relating to future employment. An approval was made for Thomas Brooks, Alex Cribb, and Laura Canaday to serve as substitute bus drivers. An approval was made by the board for the following hires for the 2021-2022 school year: Jo Beverly, Erin Cooper, Patricia Graves, Kevin Stevenson, and Cassady Winters. An approval was also made for Larry Carter to transfer from Bethune Middle School to Charlton County High School. The Board of Education announced the retirement of Donna Drury, effective May 27, 2021.


The next meeting will be held Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m.