On Tuesday, August 18 a scheduled meeting was held for the Charlton County Board of Education. 

During the meeting, Dr. John Lairsey stated there was a total of 1,545 students in attendance on the first day of school, 314 being virtual learners.  He shared the Pre-K numbers are down, which is most likely because there is no virtual option for Pre-K. 

He mentioned the Pre-K program is a state-run program and if the numbers do not improve within three months, there could be incurring costs. There is still hope the state will begin offering a virtual program for Pre-K in order to get numbers higher. 

The second day of attendance went up with 1,552 students in attendance with 318 participating in virtual school.  Dr. Lairsey stated the schools always begin with a smaller number of students, but as the year continues, the schools gain more students. 

Also during the meeting, Dr. Lairsey stated many students are deciding they no longer want to continue with the virtual option. Those wishing to return to school can set up an appointment with the principal to discuss coming back to traditional learning. This will be evaluated case by case. 

The board received a renewal agreement with Teledental. Dr. Lairsey stated this is the same plan as before however, due to COVID-19, it could be January before any services are offered. The motion was made and passed.

A motion was made and unanimously approved for the contractual service for academic intervention. This service will allow retired teachers to help with students. Those participating are Cindy McCullough, Carla Lett, Susan Taylor, Cindy Perry, and Mandy Jackson. 

The school system was awarded $77,000.00 from the state to assist in the purchasing of a new bus. A bid was received and approved from Rush Truck Center for a 72-passenger gas bus and a 77-passenger diesel bus, totalling $196,500.00. The remaining cost of the buses will be covered by SPLOST funds. 

The transfer of Ciara Kern from Folkston Elementary School to Charlton County High School to help with virtual learning was approved. The board also approved Tiffany Stafford, Cassandra Wilson, and Karen Monroe Forcine for substitute food staff. A leave of absence was granted for CCHS teacher Ashley Raulerson. 

The board voted to approve submitting the local board-training plan as well as all fundraising plans for the year. The superintendent search plan with King Cooper and Associates, as well as the superintendent search timeline was also approved. 

The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be held on September 15.