By Marla Ogletree

The Charlton County Board of Commissioners held a teleconference  meeting Thursday, July 16.

During the meeting, the board unanimously approved the curbside trash pick-up bid from Meridian Waste at $9.87 per month for the first can and $5.50 per month for the second can at a home. The cost will increase in the third, fourth, and fifth years by three percent. County attorney John Adams suggested the commissioners allow him to look over the agreement before any papers are signed. They all agreed. Pending the signing of the contract, Meridian Waste will take over November 1.

Coastal Pines Technical College has asked to lease the classrooms on the backside of the annex building. The State Properties Commission is requesting to exercise its first one-year extension to continue. The original agreement includes three classrooms. The motion was made and passed unanimously.

The commissioners approved the Traders Hill affidavit, which states the county will not change the use of the Traders Hill property from the use of outdoor recreational use without the written approval of the Secretary of the Interior. The affidavit is for the renovations of Traders Hill Park, paid for by the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. 

Keystone Forest Investments has agreed to allow the Charlton County Road Department to remove dirt from its property. If needed, the county will use the dirt to build road shoulders on Suwannee Canal Road. However, if the shoulders are not made, then the county will not utilize the access. The motion was made and passed unanimously.

The Board of Commissioners made an agreement with Rayonier to allow the Road Department to store dirt on its property at Newell Road. The Road Department intends to use this dirt for various projects for the area throughout the year. The motion was made and approved unanimously.

The board will meet Thursday, August 2 at 6:00 p.m. in the BOC conference room.