By Marla Ogletree

The Charlton County Board of Commissioners held a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, October 17 with Chairman James Everett and Commissioner Luke Gowen absent. 

During the meeting, the commissioners heard from Chief Ranger Roger Todd who gave the annual report (as of July 2019) of the Georgia Forestry Commission. He stated the GFC has current protection responsibility of 435,054  forested acres in Charlton County. Privately owned lands account for 306,430 acres and the remaining 128,624 acres belong to the united States Fish and Wildlife. He also stated the Annual County Tax Revenue Contributed $30,643.00 to State Forestry Operations and they answered 94 fire calls.

Also during the meeting, the board discussed relinquishing the Local Issuing Authority (LIA) for Land Disturbance Permits. County Administrator Hampton Raulerson stated because only one employee received the Level 1B Certification, the EPD has decided the county is not eligible to remain in the LIA. He recommended the board voluntarily give up the status as the LIA until there is certified staff and the ordinances are updated. When the changes have been made, the county can request to become the LIA again.

The commissioners approved the update of the Soil Erosion Ordinance, provided by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC). Before the ordinance can officially be adopted, the board will need to advertise and hold public hearings.

The Charlton County Public Library submitted a request to be reimbursed $6,918.68 from the SPLOST account for services and items they have purchased. Receipts were submitted and all items were found to be in accordance with SPLOST regulations. The motion was approved unanimously.

The motion was made, and passed unanimously, to approve the resolution to adopt ACCG 401 (A) Defined Contribution Plan for Senior Management of Charlton County. The resolution is required for the county to participate.

The appointment of Carla Rodeffer, Sue Turner, and Mary Gibbs to the Complete Count Committee was approved. The committee will work together to spread the word and encourage citizens to take part in the 2020 census. The appointment of Drew Jones, Jim Gowen, Matt Rouse, Tim Birchall, and Mason Rogers to the Spanish Creek Advisory Committee was approved. The committee will work with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources on the Nine-Element EPA Watershed Management Plan for Spanish Creek.

The commissioners approved naming Dr. Amir Wind as the Medical Director for EMS, taking over for Dr. Albert Thompson. He will serve for the same amount of $1,000.00.

A Memorandum of Understanding was approved between GEMA/Homeland Security, which acknowledges the county must use their grants portal in order to apply for, administer, and receive funds from GEMA.

The board approved a quote from REMAC, Inc. for pavement marking removal and re-marking of the runway at Davis Field in the amount of $22,589.30. GDOT approved the addition into the current electrical project to save the county time on a formal bid process. 

An agreement was made with Georgia Power to relocate a utility line on Forest Lake Road. The cost will be $8,303.00 paid for by the CBDG grant.

The purchase request from the Sheriff’s Office was approved in the amount of $18,376.04 for server replacement. The server which stores the footage from car cameras, microphones, and radios has crashed and needs to be replaced. Funds from the contingency line will be used to purchase the server.

In other news, the board approved adding speed bumps to the Dallas Circle subdivision after a petition was signed. An agreement was made to contract monthly payments of $700.00 or one payment of $8,400.00 to Forisk Holdings, LLC for billboard advertising for the Volunteer Fire Department in an effort to recruit volunteers. The payment will be made with the SAFER grant. The commissioners also approved variance requests for Larry and Melissa Blalock and for Gregory D. Garner.

The board will hold a work shop Thursday, November 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the BOC Board Room.