Annual bake sale fundraiser held

Erika Woolard, of Folkston, and her family held their sixth annual bake sale August 7 to raise money to buy school supplies for the children of Charlton County. Woolard says, “The reason we do this every year is that we are able to. This also teaches our children that when they have an opportunity to give back, they should.” Baked goods were made by the family and some were donated. The group sold brownies, cupcakes, muffins, lemon bars, banana nut bread, and more. Woolard explained, “We have made over $600.00 at the bake sale and received around $100 in donations. It’s so important to be kind and help your community. It could be your kids that need supplies to further their education, so if you were able, why wouldn’t you?” She said, “We’re so thankful to have such a helpful community. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.” Pictured are Karlee Knowles, Charli Woolard, Emma Woolard, Kara Marie Dean, and Emmie Knowles. - By Shelby Bennett